What We Do

Country Club Hills Recreation Corporation (CCHRC), commonly known as CCH Pool, is a community organization focused on providing a fun and relaxing environment for our members and their guests. We hope our website will provide you with a positive introduction to our pool. For over fifty years CCHRC has been providing a family friendly place for fun and fitness.

Our History

The founding members held their first meeting on March 19, 1956 which set into motion the formation of CCHRC. On April 5, 1956 the CCHRC charter was made official. Shortly after the formation of the corporation the land was purchased and construction of the pool began. Late August 1958, the swimming pool was opened for a one month period and closed soon afterwards late in September. As unbelievable as it may seem, CCHRC members were already swimming during the construction of the original pool house. Over the winter months construction was completed and the pool was officially opened on May 30, 1959.

The CCHRC Board of Directors meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Meeting locations are as follows: May to September -- at the CCHRC Pavilion October (Annual Meeting) -- at the Fairfax City Police Station November - April -- at Fairfax City Library, Meeting Room 103 All meetings are open to the general membership, though we have limited seating capacity for meetings held between November and April. If you are planning to attend any meeting held during this off-season period, please RSVP to the Board Secretary (Secretary@CCHBoard.com) so we can coordinate any room changes that may be necessary to accommodate all expected attendees. Sending an RSVP will also allow us to advise you of any date, time, or location changes for the meetings.

Send us your suggestions, comments or feedback to make CCH better! Email operations@cchpool.com.